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Tips on Visiting Disneyworld

It's no secret that Disneyworld is one of the main tourist destinations in the USA, if not the world. The problem with a vacation to it is that it can be very expensive. So, what are some tips toward getting a cheap Disneyworld vacation? Here are a few ideas for you.

First, try going during the off season. I know that may sound impossible for Disneyworld, but there are a few times of the year when crowds are smaller. September is an ideal month to go; the children are back in school, so there are fewer families in the parks. This is when some affordable travel packages are made available. If you have children, it does mean taking them out of school; so bear that in mind. Of course, any child would gladly skip school to go to Disneyworld!

Next, avoid holidays; yet, try to visit around a holiday. Fourth of July, Thanksgiving, and other holidays are very crowded at Disneyworld. Yet, if you come the weekend before or after those holidays (and others), crowds are smaller, and cheaper rooms etc are available.

And that brings up the next point: where you stay. Along with that is: where you eat. Firsts, an affordable Disneyworld hotel room. In the parks themselves, those are hard to come by. The most economical hotels are the ones furthest from Disneyworld. There's an inverse ratio between room prices and their distance from Disneyworld; the farther from the parks you are, the more affordable the rooms. Now, some of those economical hotels have shuttles to and from Disneyworld; so travel is easy.

An excellent means of finding cheap hotels is to grab one of the so-called green books (also known as Discount Coupon Books) from a restaurant like International House of Pancakes or Denny's. They're full of coupons good for a discount at hotels throughout the area around Disneyworld. Also, if you're a Florida resident, or have friends or family who are, Disneyworld often offers affordable packages for residents. While a long shot, if you have friends or family who work at Disneyworld, they can sign you into the parks, and get you discounts for accommodations inside the park.

And then there's food. When looking for economical dining in and around Disneyworld, most of the parks are fairly expensive. Your best deals will be found outside. But, unlike cheap hotel rooms, the affordable restaurants are the ones closest to Disneyworld. If you do not mind a buffet, they will give you the most economical meal. Also, to really save on your Disneyworld vacation, and make it as cheap as possible; here's what you do:

Stay in a hotel a good distance from Disneyworld. Early in the morning, get up and drive to a buffet restaurant right outside the park. Eat a huge breakfast! After that, once inside Disneyworld, just snack for most of the day. Stay as late as you can, and then hit a cheap buffet restaurant for dinner. The savings can be considerable. Another means of making your trip to Disneyworld more affordable is staying in a hotel room that has a kitchen. The daily rate is higher, but then you can eat several meals in your room. As there are many affordable delis, convenience stores, and grocery stores in the area, you can stock your kitchen with plenty of economical food, and dine in. Here again, the savings can add up.

Finally, when it comes to souvenirs, t-shirts, and so on, avoid buying them in Disneyworld; you'll pay top dollar. Not only are there a variety of affordable stores right outside the parks, but there are a number of discount malls in the area. Often times, Disneyworld will send some of their older items to the economical stores there, and you can buy genuine Disney memorabilia for a fraction of their original price. Put all together, these steps can make your Disneyworld vacation very affordable.